Be Mine…!!!!!



The Power Of Your Smile ,
Empowers Me For A While ,
But The Power Of Your Love ,
Made Me Stable From A Life Like Rove !!

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet ,

Each solo performer has a lust to sing a duet ,

I am too caught by the same disease ,

I am trying to do it, so kindly be relax and read it in a mood of ease…!!


Dear please accept this sincere token ,

You’ll find the love, I’ve never spoken…,,


When I saw you first, I became totally yours ,

As your grace is so pure, your face is so sweet ,

That my heart has forgotten how to beat ,

Your smile is a wave , I was completely taken ,

My core was left profoundly shaken…!!


As days go by , My feelings get stronger ,

To be in your arms I can’t wait longer ,

Just look into my eyes and you’ll see that its true ,

Day and night my heart is in thoughts of only thou’….!!


Now your words are my food ,

Your breath is my wine ,

Really it means  , it’s not just a touchy line ,

I want your love , I need you near ,

My fidelity is steady fast never fear…!!


I am lost for words now , not be able to write another line ,

My hurting heart requests thine’ ,

Be mine on this valentine , will you be my valentine….!!



Image ImageAnooj Gupta – 01/04/2014

+91 77609 61566


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