Friend For Life


It was year 2005 ,
When I realized that a friend is more than regular hi five ,
It was you who came into my life ,
And made my life get revive ,
Out of problems and difficulties ,  
Gave me everything in my hand , even those which were out of my possibilities…!!

You hold a special value in my heart ,
Which nobody can change ,
Filled colors of happiness ,
Bring all joys within my range….!!

I can never forget you ,
In all my life’s days and years ,
Your voice still echo ,
In my heart and ears ,
You are important to me , not only because in hard time you always hold my arm ,    
Its because , its a proven fact now that for me you are a lucky charm…!!

You are not just a friend ,
At friendship our relation doesn’t get end ,
You are mine support system ,
You are mine right hand ,
I was always there and will be there only at your end….!!

Thanks For Always Being Their With Me Sakshi…!!!

Image ImageAnooj Gupta – 05/04/2014

+91 77609 61566


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