You’re Gone :(



I Know Love Can Never Be Tied With A Chain, As It’s A Free Bird,

It Runs In My Each And Every Blood Vessels And Goes To My Heart,

Its Spreading In My Body, As Like Viral Flew ,

Believe Me A Hundred Hearts Too, Would Be Few,

To Carry All My Love For You, All My Love For You..!!


Baby, I Don’t Need Any Explanation,

I Just Want To Save Our Precious Relation,

So, If There’s Anything, Any Issues You Have With Me, Kindly Shoot It Out, Without Any Hesitation,

Don’t Bound Your Feelings With Such Limitations,

That Will Destroy And Give An End To Our Relation..!!


I Haven’t Understood Yet, That Why You Left,

Don’t Know Whose That Bloody Theft,

Who Stole You From Me, And Leave My Heart To A Still Rest,

I Always Try To Be At My Best,

But Then Too, You Failed Me In Loyalty Test..!!


Since, You’ve Gone, There Is An Empty Space,

Whole Day You Can See Tears And Sadness On My Face,

Since You’ve Gone The World Is Not The Same,

Now, It’s Like A Regular Winner Have Lost 100 Games,

Since You’ve Gone There Is A Lonely Heart,

The Moment I See My Empty Arms, It Really Hurts,

Since You’ve Gone, Nothing Is Like It Was,

Now Time Is Running Very Slow , Earlier It Use To Be Fast,

Since You’ve Gone There Is A Heart That Bleeds,

Instead Of Food, Now I Only Have Smoke And Weed,

Since You’ve Gone I Am Not The Same Man,

I Used to Be,

I Used to Be..!!


Don’t Know Why You Took This Unjustified Decision,

Which Made An End To Our Relation,

Don’t Know Why You Lost Trust On Me,

When It Was Always Believe That You And Me,

Gave A New Meaning To Word We,

Even When you Know,

The Best thing About ME Was Always You,

Mine Love For You Was Always True,

I Loved Your Face,Your Eyes, Your Smile, I Loved All Of You, All Of You..!!


But Now, I Am Standing Here Alone,

Realizing That You’re Gone,

I Know I Was Wrong,

But Baby, At that Time We Haven’t Met Since Very Long,

I Regret What I Did,

I Should know, That Mistake Cannot Be Hid,

But Now Not More, No More Wait For Days And Weeks,

Day-By-Day I Am Loosing Myself, Becoming Weak,

Doctor Said, In My Body, Most Essential Vitamin – “You” Lacks,

I Don’t know Anything, I Don’t Want To Know Even,

At Any Cost, I Just Want You Back, I Just Want You Back..!!


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