Burning Life!!


Life burns like a cigarette,

Its an unsaid secret,

We can never forget it,

But can’t even accept it,

It hurts us like anything,

As well as It heels us like a pure medicine..!!

Life, exactly what it is??

For some its a disease,

Some took it  like fun ,

 Some takes it only like a 60 years run,

To some its  like a punishment,

To some its like an accomplishment,

Its up to us how we take it,

Its up to us either we make or break it,

Its a good experience, if we love it,

It become hilarious journey, if we hate it..!!

For some its only pain,

For some its like a day to day gain,

Its an unsolved mystery,

Comprised of unforgettable history,

Engraved of different stories,

Each n Everyone do carry different memories..!!

Mine is like an open book,

Every one have filled colors in it,

Everyone have given it a different look

Nobody had took regret out of it..!!

But yes, I got both pleasure n pain,

Now its 25th yr still i am not able to understand this game,

We do wrong we’ll get stuck to it for a long,

We do right then too might we’ll become yond,

I have committed some mistakes,

Sometime I have opt wrong takes,

I feel guilt of it , I steel feel heat of it,

Sometimes I tried to convince myself,

Sometimes I tried to punish myself,

None of it helped me out,

Sometimes I cried, sometimes I shout,

Sometimes I write,sometimes with myself I fight..!!

Running to get something

What?? I don’t know even,

Paying ma sweat for it,

Still haven’t got happiness in premium,

Got sorrows , got defeat,

Sometimes got place on clouds ,  sometimes not able to stand on my feet..!!

Wanna Live life like a river,

If somebody give it a look, to them it acts as a mirror,

Living life with endless aims,

Feels like a no rule game,

Got some people to nurture,

Lost some  due to rule of nature,

But Show goes on as it never ends,

Life left alone as nothing is there in its hands..!!

images (1)download (1) Anooj Gupta – 14/06/2014

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