Miss You!!

Miss You , Old ME!!

Miss You , Old ME!!


It’s been a month since you left
And I remember you each and every day,
Whenever I get alone
I recollect what you use to say

Never , Ever have I loved someone
As much as I love you
Even though you hurt me
But My feelings will always remain true

Have so many things to ask you
So much I want to say
Why? Why did you left me?
Why? How did things rolled up this way?

Still remember the last day I saw you
And the pain in your eyes
I never once thought
That, would be our goodbyes

If anything I can take back
It will be mine lonely nights
And my selfish act
And might be instead of engraving this on heart , I will be holding you tight!!

I Miss You , Old ME!!

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Dillliii – Ye sheher nahi mehfil hai

 Dillliii – Ye sheher nahi mehfil hai

Ye mehfil hai , sheher nahi,

Yaha dillon mein pyar hai , zeher nahi,

Banalete hai sabko apna,

Pura hota hai yaha sabka sapna,

Yaha hai sabko azadi , kisi ka keher nahi,

Doston Dilli mehfil hai , sheher nahi..!!


Ye mehfil hai sab yaaron ki,

Ye hai khusboo desh ke chaaron kinaron ki,

Yaha nahi koi rekha beech, hindu-muslim-sikh-isayi,

Har muslim bhai ke ghar, banti hai diwali ki mithai,

Jagti hai ye , soti ek peher nahi,

Doston Dilli mehfil hai , sheher nahi..!! 


Ye sirf ek jagah nahi, hai ye khane ka khazana,

Khan Chacha or Karim’s nahi gaye to, kya dilli jana,

Aaj bhi swad zinda hai paranthe vali gali ka,

Aaj bhi golgappon se jana jata hai tila ali ka,

Pyar se bhari Eid ke sewayian jitni mithi , utni hindu ke ghar ki kheer nahi,

Doston Dilli mehfil hai , sheher nahi..!!


Beshak kuch napak logon ki vajah se, badnam hui,

Zurmon ka naamon mein aana, baat aam hui,

Bhara hai logon ka dil mein aakrosh aajmao nahi,

Ubla hua hai khoon, aur dushkaram ki koi yojna banao nahi,

Tham jao, ab aur hui galtiyan to hosh kho bethenge,

Kasam ishwar ke har roop ki, ab aur na chup bethenge,

Ab na hogi koi sunvai tum papiyon ki,

Na hogi koi mang insaaf ki kapiyon ki,

Hoga is bar faisla beech bazaar mein,

Latkoge tum faansi bijli ki taar pe,

Hum khaomsh hai, aandhe lachaar nahi,

Doston Dilli mehfil hai , sheher nahi..!!


Desh ki hai ye rajdhani,

Dilli-dilwalon ki , Dillion ki hai ye rani,

Yaha rehte hai sab Apne,Koi dushman ka dar nahi,

Doston Dilli mehfil hai yaaron ki ,

Koi ajnabiyon ka sheher nahi..!!


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Burning Life!!


Life burns like a cigarette,

Its an unsaid secret,

We can never forget it,

But can’t even accept it,

It hurts us like anything,

As well as It heels us like a pure medicine..!!

Life, exactly what it is??

For some its a disease,

Some took it  like fun ,

 Some takes it only like a 60 years run,

To some its  like a punishment,

To some its like an accomplishment,

Its up to us how we take it,

Its up to us either we make or break it,

Its a good experience, if we love it,

It become hilarious journey, if we hate it..!!

For some its only pain,

For some its like a day to day gain,

Its an unsolved mystery,

Comprised of unforgettable history,

Engraved of different stories,

Each n Everyone do carry different memories..!!

Mine is like an open book,

Every one have filled colors in it,

Everyone have given it a different look

Nobody had took regret out of it..!!

But yes, I got both pleasure n pain,

Now its 25th yr still i am not able to understand this game,

We do wrong we’ll get stuck to it for a long,

We do right then too might we’ll become yond,

I have committed some mistakes,

Sometime I have opt wrong takes,

I feel guilt of it , I steel feel heat of it,

Sometimes I tried to convince myself,

Sometimes I tried to punish myself,

None of it helped me out,

Sometimes I cried, sometimes I shout,

Sometimes I write,sometimes with myself I fight..!!

Running to get something

What?? I don’t know even,

Paying ma sweat for it,

Still haven’t got happiness in premium,

Got sorrows , got defeat,

Sometimes got place on clouds ,  sometimes not able to stand on my feet..!!

Wanna Live life like a river,

If somebody give it a look, to them it acts as a mirror,

Living life with endless aims,

Feels like a no rule game,

Got some people to nurture,

Lost some  due to rule of nature,

But Show goes on as it never ends,

Life left alone as nothing is there in its hands..!!

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Kabhi Yoon Bhi To Ho!!!


Kabhi yoon bhi to ho,

Darya ka sahil ho,

Mera dil ghayal ho,

Pooray chand ki rat ho,

Tanhayi aur mera sath ho,

Sagar ki lehre mujhse door jaye,

Aur tum aao!!

Kabhi yoon bhi to ho,

PariyoN ki koi mehfil ho.

Hum usme shamil ho,

Koi tumhari baat ho,

Jab meri muskurahat mere sath ho,

Main unhe tumahara naam batau,

Aur tum aao!!

Kabhi yoon bhi to ho,

Yeh narm mulayem thandi hawayen,

Ye pyar jaisi gheri fizayein,

Jab ghar say tumharay guzrain,

Tumhare badan ko chumein,

Tumhari khusbu churayen,

Mere ghar mere pas ley aayen!!

Kabhi yoon bhi to ho,

Sooni har manzil ho,

Jiska na ho koi rasta,

Koi na mere sath ho,

Na kisi ko ho mujhse vasta,

Mere aansuon mein tumhara naam aye,

Aur tum aao!!

Kabhi yoon bhi to ho,

Yeh badal aisa toot kay barsay,

Jaise samundar ki lehrein sahil se milne ko tarsay,

Mere dil ki tarah milnay ko,

Tumhara dil bhi tarsay,

Tum ghar say niklo, Tumhein meri sanson mein apna naam mile,

Aur tum aao!!

Kabhi yoon bhi to ho,

Tanhai ho, 

Ruswayi nahi,

Dil ho,

Dhadkanein nahi,

Zindagi ho,

Per sansein nahi,

Tum ho,

Sirf tumhari yaadien nahi,

Boondain hoon,

Barsaatein nahi,

Apne man mein tum mera naam bulao ,

Aur main aao!!

Kabhi yoon bhi to ho!!

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You’re Gone :(



I Know Love Can Never Be Tied With A Chain, As It’s A Free Bird,

It Runs In My Each And Every Blood Vessels And Goes To My Heart,

Its Spreading In My Body, As Like Viral Flew ,

Believe Me A Hundred Hearts Too, Would Be Few,

To Carry All My Love For You, All My Love For You..!!


Baby, I Don’t Need Any Explanation,

I Just Want To Save Our Precious Relation,

So, If There’s Anything, Any Issues You Have With Me, Kindly Shoot It Out, Without Any Hesitation,

Don’t Bound Your Feelings With Such Limitations,

That Will Destroy And Give An End To Our Relation..!!


I Haven’t Understood Yet, That Why You Left,

Don’t Know Whose That Bloody Theft,

Who Stole You From Me, And Leave My Heart To A Still Rest,

I Always Try To Be At My Best,

But Then Too, You Failed Me In Loyalty Test..!!


Since, You’ve Gone, There Is An Empty Space,

Whole Day You Can See Tears And Sadness On My Face,

Since You’ve Gone The World Is Not The Same,

Now, It’s Like A Regular Winner Have Lost 100 Games,

Since You’ve Gone There Is A Lonely Heart,

The Moment I See My Empty Arms, It Really Hurts,

Since You’ve Gone, Nothing Is Like It Was,

Now Time Is Running Very Slow , Earlier It Use To Be Fast,

Since You’ve Gone There Is A Heart That Bleeds,

Instead Of Food, Now I Only Have Smoke And Weed,

Since You’ve Gone I Am Not The Same Man,

I Used to Be,

I Used to Be..!!


Don’t Know Why You Took This Unjustified Decision,

Which Made An End To Our Relation,

Don’t Know Why You Lost Trust On Me,

When It Was Always Believe That You And Me,

Gave A New Meaning To Word We,

Even When you Know,

The Best thing About ME Was Always You,

Mine Love For You Was Always True,

I Loved Your Face,Your Eyes, Your Smile, I Loved All Of You, All Of You..!!


But Now, I Am Standing Here Alone,

Realizing That You’re Gone,

I Know I Was Wrong,

But Baby, At that Time We Haven’t Met Since Very Long,

I Regret What I Did,

I Should know, That Mistake Cannot Be Hid,

But Now Not More, No More Wait For Days And Weeks,

Day-By-Day I Am Loosing Myself, Becoming Weak,

Doctor Said, In My Body, Most Essential Vitamin – “You” Lacks,

I Don’t know Anything, I Don’t Want To Know Even,

At Any Cost, I Just Want You Back, I Just Want You Back..!!


Mother Love Is The Only One, Which Can't be Match By Anyone !!

Mother Love Is The Only One,
Which Can’t be Match By Anyone !!


Yaha mangti hai, Chaya , bhari dhoop ,

Dikhta hai mausam ka har suhana roop ,

Hai sab khane ko yahan , aur peene ko bhi ,

Hai sabe rehene ko yahan , aur jeene ko bhi ,

Per tabhi maa tere bin adhoora hu main ,

Sab hokar bhi mere pas, na kabhi poora hu main ,

Tere bin meri maa adhoora hu main…!!

Tu hi bata kaise , tere bin rahu ,

Lagta hai sab khali , jaise sharir bin lahu ,

Ae Maa , yaha koi bhi nahi hai apna ,

Koi thamega mera haath dukh ke samay , ye to lagta hai ab ek sapna ,

Bas ek tu hi to hai Maa , jisne , mujhe rota dekh , humesha chup karaya ,

Mere dukho ko khushi mein badal, humesha poore dil se hasaya ,

Per yaha to mujhe log hasta dekh , pagal kehte hai ,

Mujhe rota hua dekh hi , khush rehte hai ,

Per na karna , ae Maa , tu meri fikar ,

Katega apka bacha , khush rehkar , ye safar ,

Apki dant , apke pyar ne , zindagi ka bhut gyan sikhaya hai ,

Musibaton se ladkar , jeet saku , itna kaabil banaya hai ,

Isliye na karna paravah , main sab khel jaunga ,Jitni bade chahe ho mushkil , main sab jhel jaunga!!

Ae Maa , karta hu tujhse pyar bepanah ,

Tere bin zindagi h khali , adhoori hai har jagah ,

Jaise , samundar bin ret , kisan bin khet ,

Bin shahi-ye khat , bin sharir-e-raqt ,

Tere bin bahut mushkil se guzarta hai ye waqt ,

Kab khatam hoga ye intezar ka samay ,

Kab apke gale lagkar hasunga main ,

Bas ab aur nahi saha jata , apke bin ,

Ab aur nahi raha jata , apke bin ,

Jald apka sapna pura kar aa raha hu main ,

Na karna chinta , bas padahi ka hi gyan gar raha hu main ,

Sab pakar jald apki sharan aaunga ,

Bas phir apna ghar , apke charanon mein hi basaunga..!!

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